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what recurrent does not have

Ingredients that you put on our body seep into your skin and enter into your bloodstream, so it’s safe to say recurrent stays far away from the bad stuff. In fact, recurrent chooses only the safest ingredients possible to ensure your health, inside and out.

We’ve provided a lot of information about what recurrent products have to offer you. But now we want to tell you what we do not have. So here is the list of harmful ingredients that we do not include in our products and why.

Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrances, and Dyes

In our products, we do not include parabens, a group of chemicals widely used as artificial preservatives in body care products. These have been linked to cancer, specifically, breast cancer due to the fact that they can mimic estrogen, which has the potential to lead to abnormal breast cell growth. You will not find sulfates in our products nor will you find artificial fragrances and dyes, all of which have been known in some cases to cause irritation to the skin or eyes due to their unnatural makeup.


Although rare, some personal hygiene products or their plastic packaging include phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive system damage in lab tests. While more research is required to find out how phthalates adversely affect people that come in contact with them we opt not to include them in any of our products.

Aluminum Chloride

An ingredient that is much more common in many personal hygiene products, specifically deodorant, is aluminum chloride. It is used to block pores to act as an antiperspirant, something that many consider as being bad for your body’s natural expelling of sweat and toxins. Aluminum chloride will also react with some people’s natural body chemistry to create yellowish stains on clothing around the armpit area, deodorants without aluminum chloride will almost never do this. Although there are no natural antiperspirants that exist, there are plenty of natural deodorants that neutralize stink and those are the good ingredients that we decided to put in our all-natural deodorant.

And all of our products are completely cruelty-free. What we offer you are safe + effective ingredients, only + always.

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