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types of acne explained

We all recognize acne when it’s staring us in the face but there are so many different kinds + causes of acne it’s sometimes hard to know what you’re looking at. Recurrent is here to help you understand what you see on your face.

Most acne is genetic, unfortunately. That means that if your mom or dad had a tough time with acne in high school, you probably will too. There is also hormonal acne, which is likely to be a couple of pimples that show up at certain times of the month. For girls, it will usually be around your period, in case there isn’t enough to deal with during that time already.

You can also have acne that is caused by dirt + sweat that gets on your face and is not properly cleaned off. This type of acne is common amongst athletes in sports that involve sweating + getting dirty. So if you are playing a sport like soccer, football, or lacrosse it’s important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser, like recurrent’s face wash, immediately after playing, to help prevent this type of acne.

Another type of acne you can have is acne caused by allergies. Some people will get particularly bad acne from eating foods that they have an intolerance to, for example, dairy. It can be helpful to consult a doctor or allergist + potentially try eliminating certain foods to see if your skin clears up.

Acne is an unfortunate fact of being a teenager, or any age for that matter. By trying to figure out which kind of acne you are suffering from, you can take the right steps to help prevent + treat it.

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