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product check: recurrent face wash

The best products are made from simple + natural ingredients that really work. That is why recurrent’s face wash is made of just six ingredients that help you to achieve clean and soft skin without the use of any harsh chemicals.

To better understand how we do this let’s take a look at the key ingredients in our one-of-a-kind face wash powder. The reishi mushroom is our signature cleansing ingredient, it is a straight from nature acne fighter that works by eliminating bacteria and toxins in your skin to give you a clear complexion.

Clay mineral has been proven to help control oiliness in the skin. We also use it for its skin elasticity improvement and firming benefits. To moisturize after cleansing we have refined shea butter, known for its fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that leave skin extra soft.

The most unique aspect of our face wash is that while most facial cleansers are liquids or gels, recurrent’s face wash is actually a powder! When putting our super ingredients together we deliberately left out water. This means that our product is smaller and saves both packaging and shipping energy for a more sustainable product. It also means that no water was used or wasted while manufacturing it. Our face wash also allows you to choose the strength of your cleanser by controlling the amount of water you use with it. And once you add the water and lather up the face wash, it looks and feels just like any other cleanser on the market, while being a whole lot better for you and the earth.

Simple, natural ingredients to keep your skin clean, clear, and soft.

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