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“phygiene” = hygiene for your phone

Your cell phone travels everywhere, from the lunch table to the restroom, from your sports bag to the classroom. These days, your phone is like an extension of yourself, meaning that keeping your phone clean is just as important as keeping your body clean.

Why does it matter?

Whether you realize it or not, cells phones pick up a lot of dirt + bacteria from the outside world. While it may not seem like a problem on the surface (get it?), keeping your phone clean is a bigger deal than you think. We actually touch our phones ~2000 times a day, and we touch our faces ~20 times an hour. When dirt + foreign bacteria come in contact with the face, acne is often the result. This means that disinfecting your phone can actually prevent breakouts.

Developing such a practice will also protect you from potentially harmful microorganisms, including viruses, fecal bacteria, and germs that can make you sick. In the context of COVID-19, keeping your phone clean is very important for shielding yourself from the virus.

How should I disinfect my phone?

Most cell phone manufacturers recommend that you wipe down your phone with a 70% alcohol solution. You can wet a cotton ball, microfiber cloth, or simply use wipes. Also be mindful of where you place your phone, especially at school. Avoid taking it into the restroom or letting other people touch it. Practice “phygiene” the right way!

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