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our mission

you've got one body. we've got one planet. recurrent's got one job: to swap the toxins (and weirdness, and waste, and worry) in skin + hair care for safer stuff that works. 

here's what defines + drives recurrent:

we've all been there

what's the point if it doesn't work?

clean bodies need a clean world

knowledge is power

we like our ingredients like we like our environment, non-toxic

without you, there's no recurrent

hygiene should be accessible to all, not just those who can afford it

clean + conscious

fact: thousands of teens nationwide can’t afford essential hygiene.

you can help.

when you buy recurrent, we give recurrent to teens who need it.

 thanks to you.

 learn more about Hope & Comfort, our nonprofit partner who helps makes this possible.

coming soon

bigger bottles, customizable scents, and more stuff we'll come up with later (with your input). leave your email here to stay (re)current:

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