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meet the blog writer

While reading through the recurrent blog, you may be wondering: who is writing these articles and teaching me fast facts about personal hygiene? That would be me! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Taylor Salomon. 

I am originally from Westchester, NY. As of May 2020, I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where I studied Political Science and Journalistic Writing. I joined the recurrent team in the summer of  2019 as their Journalism Intern and helped build the blog into what you see today! To create the content for our blog I spent time interviewing experts across a variety of fields including dermatologists, dentists, and experienced chemists who actually helped to make recurrent’s products. 

I was very excited to take on this project where I get the chance to write for my peers. It feels good to be able to do research and find answers to all of the questions about hygiene that I, myself, had wondered throughout middle school and high school, and even now! My hope is that this blog is a place for young people to take their most pressing questions about their bodies, ones that they may feel uncomfortable asking someone else and find real, helpful information. I wish that I had had access to a resource like this, but I am excited to be a part of providing others in my age group with such a platform.

Working at recurrent has given me amazing journalistic experience and allowed me the unique opportunity to be able to create something from scratch that I am truly proud of. Joining the recurrent team so early on in the company’s creation, I was able to see the process of creating a business from the ground up. Being able to learn from, and even be involved in, some of the very early decision making (including working on the name of the company!) has been invaluable to me, especially because not many college students get the chance to be so involved in the founding of a startup.

Aside from writing, I love to spend my time hanging out with my friends and family – especially my dog. You can also find me cooking, watching TV (The West Wing and Friends mostly), going to concerts, or exploring new places. I hope you enjoy and learn from the blog as much as I have!

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