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hygiene horror stories, second edition

We’ve all experienced something embarrassing when it comes to hygiene. In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled hygiene horror stories submitted by YOU. Below, you can find the cringiest, most horrifying stories drawn from real experiences. As awkward as these may be, remember that grossness is a natural part of how our bodies function.

Names have been changed to preserve anonymity

1. “The first time I kissed my crush was after we had a date at a pizza place. Of course, being myself, I put garlic on the pizza: a lot of it. Then, I realized that I forgot my mouthwash at home. Safe to say, we didn’t really kiss. He pulled his mouth away immediately and handed me a stick of gum.” – Claudia, 16

2. “Our school doesn’t have AC, so whenever it gets really hot, it’s natural to get a bit sweaty. I remember that there was this one teacher who always used to have sweat stains around his armpits while teaching at the board. It was so hard to pay attention in class because the stains were such a distraction. The secondhand embarrassment was honestly so real.” – Brett, 15

3. “One time I was studying with a friend, and I set down my earbuds. A giant glob of earwax came out when I put them on the table. I didn’t notice for a very long time! It was super gross.” – Aaron, 17

4. “I had a roommate who swore she was a clean freak. On top of being ‘OCD,’ she was always on me and my other roommate for being ‘dirty’ and ‘severely unorganized’. But, one time I went to use the bathroom after her and saw the fattest dump in the toilet. I felt so bad about bringing it up so I just flushed it and pretended I never saw it. Every time we’re in a group and she publicly tries to shame me for being ‘dirty’, I just have a good laugh and try my best to not ruin her career lol.” – Sally, 18

5. “I was a cat for Halloween and had painted whiskers on my face. At the end of the night, my roommate and I went back to our room, and I proceeded to wipe off the makeup. It started smearing onto my chin, so I joked that it looked like a beard and kept smearing it until I had sideburns, a beard, and a mustache. My roommate took some funny pictures and videos of me. I then needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t want to walk out into the hall and into the girl’s bathroom with drawn on facial hair. Before I could clean myself up, my roommate showed me the videos, and I laughed so hard that I peed a little in my pants.” – Alex, 21

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