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hygiene hacks

  • Did you know that you should be applying deodorant multiple times a day to help fight B.O.? It is recommended that in addition to applying in the morning before you start your day, you should be using deodorant after any activity with excessive sweating (like sports or exercise) and then again before bed. Learn more here.
  • Stop over soaping! Using too much soap when washing your face and body can lead to dry skin. Not to mention running out of soap very quickly. Learn more about face washing here and about body washing here.
  • Dab, don’t drag. When using a washcloth to dry your face, dab your skin dry instead of dragging the rough material across your skin, potentially agitating your clean skin. Be kind to your skin and your skin will be kind to you.
  • Wear sunscreen every day when you go outside. Yes, even in the winter. Avoiding skin cancer is trendy every season. Learn more here.
  • Put moisturizer on your face directly first instead of your hands, this will ensure that your face is getting most of the moisture rather than your fingers, while also allowing you to get the most out of your moisturizer. Learn more here.
  • Color inside the lines. To avoid underarm irritation make sure you are applying deodorant directly of the fold of the armpit and avoid the sensitive skin that surrounds it. Learn more here.
  • Apply petroleum jelly (or if that’s too greasy, just regular moisturizer) to the skin around the armpit to prevent chafing and irritation.
  • You only need to wash where you’re dirty. If you're cleaning your body daily, only soap up the “folds” folds of your body and places where bacteria like to hang out. Wash the less dirty places like arms, legs, and torso every other day or less. Learn more here.
  • Shower length time: although showers can be relaxing, it’s important to not make showers too long. Long showers are no good for the planet or for your skin. Try to get cleaned up before your fingers wrinkle so that your skin is less dried out from water and soap exposure. The earth will thank you too.
  • Simplify your hygiene routine: don’t layer on products every evening. Instead, make your routine simple + lightweight so as to not overwhelm the skin with exposure to multiple ingredients at once. You want to help the skin do its thing, not change its natural process.
  • Very dry hair? Balance it out by using conditioner instead of shampoo. Conditioner has the same cleansing benefits as shampoo without stripping your hair of its natural oils. This allows the hair to utilize its natural oils while also being cleaned. Using only conditioner also prevents a build up of sebum by allowing the scalp to relax instead of compensate when shampoo takes all the moisture away.

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