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gaining curl confidence

By Yvee Rosenthal

It was a typical break between classes. The girls flooded into the bathroom. All wanting a chance in the foggy bathroom mirror, each one played with their hairstyles. Not me! I left the bathroom the same way I entered, with a high frizzy bun that sat on top of my head. This has been my hairstyle for as long as I can remember, since my curly hair is stubborn and doesn’t cooperate when it’s down, in a low pony or even a braid type of thing. 

I’ve tried everything: begged my “organic” mom for a keratin, had a deva curl “transformation”  which lasted for maybe one day, and tested every mousse from the local store. Nothing worked. I found myself straightening my hair almost every night, so much that my arms ached. It was time to gain curl confidence. I changed my mindset because I realized my curly hair gives me optionality. I may not be able to change my hairstyle in the foggy bathroom mirror, but I still have opportunities to switch it up. That option does not exist without a lot of “perm” for my straight haired peeps. 

 I grew to love my curly hair. It is something that sets me apart, and as my friends say “shows my personality,” whatever that means. I just wish better products existed to provide more variety for the appearance of my curls and take away the separation anxiety I now have with my straightening iron. But for now, I’m embracing my curls one day at a time. 

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