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face wash – what to use?

Walking through the facial care aisles of your local pharmacy or scrolling through hundreds upon hundreds of different face washes available online can be overwhelming. Different brightly covered bottles all promise that they are the best at cleansing, rejuvenating, hydrating, and clearing your skin. But the bottom line is you want clean, healthy skin, and while finding what to use can be difficult, recurrent makes it simple.

Dermatologists recommend first and foremost a simple gentle cleanser, something that foams up and makes you feel clean afterward. Cleansers like this get rid of dirt, bacteria, sweat, and makeup that have collected on your face throughout the day while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. Cream cleansers can also be helpful for this purpose, they are slightly more oily and are recommended for dry skin.

If you’re just starting to enter puberty and are experiencing some acne, it can feel like you’ll need something a little more heavy-duty than a gentle cleanser. In that case, using a Benzoyl Peroxide wash can be a helpful thing to try before going to your dermatologist for prescribed medication.

Knowing what to use is half the battle of keeping your face looking its best. It is just as important to know what you shouldn’t be using to wash your face. Derms advise staying away from washes that are harsh on skin, particularly scrubs or those with beads in them that claim to exfoliate. Trying to remove dead skin with products like these hasn’t been proven to be effective and can irritate or damage the skin. When it comes to choosing your face wash keep it simple and try recurrent’s face wash powder. To learn all about the benefits of our recurrent face wash read this.

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