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a step by step guide to your skincare routine

We all know that the most important part of taking care of your skin + avoiding unwanted acne is having a good skin routine. But what exactly does that look like? We’re going to break it down for you with recurrent’s step by step guide to a great + healthy skincare routine. 

Step 1:

Wash your face using lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, like recurrent’s face wash powder. For more info on what to look for in a face wash check out this article.

Step 2:

While your skin is still damp, apply a toner. This helps to bring your skin to its natural pH level + will stop your face from overproducing oil.

Step 3:

Moisturize! This will keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. Plus, moisturizer acts as a barrier between dirt + your pores.

Step 4:

For anyone who does their skincare routine in the morning, the final step should always be sunscreen. It is important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays no matter the weather or season. Not sure what to use? Check out recurrent’s sunscreen guide here!

Bonus Step:

If you feel a pimple coming on, or already have one staring at you from the middle of your face, put a drop of pure tea tree oil on it to help dry it out. Tea tree oil is a botanical oil that acts as a natural disinfectant so use it as a spot treatment to get rid of zits.

Following these steps will help keep your skin healthy and limit acne. With these, you know recurrent always has your back…and your face!

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