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fresh. simple. clean. repeat.

skin + hair products for teens.
good for earth + all.
it's about time.
life’s complicated enough.
keep clean simple.

the OG bundle

all the basics you need to look + feel your best

face wash
2:1 shampoo + body wash

We are...

  • for all skin + hair types 
  • breakout-busting
  • safe ingredients only, always
  • made especially for teen bodies

we've got your back... and your face... and your everything else...

meet recurrent. 

skin + hair products made by top green chemists for where you’re at right now:

not a kid, not a full-blown adult.

recurrent swaps so-so ingredients for ones that are safe for you + our planet.

spoiler: they also work.

but true hygiene is more than good products. it’s also getting answers for your (maybe awkward but 100% normal) hygiene Qs.

which is why recurrent offers safe products to use + a safe space to learn.

your body is a force for good.
your hygiene should be, too. 

got questions? curious about our products? just procrastinating? let's talk clean.

judgement-free, always.

the good, the bad, the awkward:
real talk about body stuff

  • Business News Daily

    "Despite the company's launch in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has already grown into a successful hygiene product line and educational hub where teens can shop for nontoxic, gender-neutral products and access safe, accurate information about teen health and hygiene."

  • Splash Magazines

    [recurrent products] will simplify morning routines, and your packing list… [and] will help prevent the dry skin that can result from traveling through different climates.

  • "What recurrent is doing is giving teens the knowledge and the confidence to know that body changes, smells, blemishes, are things that everyone is experiencing."

  • "Not only do they offer high powered hair and skin care, but they also provide information that is curated and researched specifically to answer hygiene questions."

  • "[recurrent face wash] This is one of the best skincare products available now for
    Gen Z-ers, tweens, and teens."

  • Beauty News NYC

    "[recurrent] is a line of non-toxic, effective, eco-conscious skin and hair products designed for young adults, delivered straight to their doors. We set out to create an innovative new line of products that young adults can feel good about using, knowing that what goes on their bodies also goes into their bodies."

  • Teen Influential Magazine

    "[recurrent] is filling a gap in the market to meet the unique hygiene needs of Gen Z - a group who is socially responsible, cares about the environment, does not want to be limited to gender-specific products and wants to give back."

  • The Coast News Group

    "In the truly-space-saving category when it comes to packing is a line of non-toxic, gender-neutral hygiene products from recurrent.

  • Women in Retail Talks Podcast

    "Listen in as Rosenthal discusses why she launched Recurrent; why it was important to her to create a company for young adults, by young adults; and the innovative ways the brand involves teens in its day-to-day business."

  • Herald Mail

    "Hygiene is one area that can be a sensitive topic. It's challenging to know the best approach to discuss body odor and bodily functions...Here are some concepts to consider from Nava Unterman Ulmer and Tamar Rosenthal, co-founders of recurrent."

  • Destination Luxury

    "Recurrent's the deodorant would make a perfect gift for clean beauty lovers or fitness fanatics."

  • Travelgirl Mag

    "recurrent is a line of non-toxic, gender neutral hygiene products designed with Gen Zers in mind... The company donates recurrent to teens who need it and works with Hope & Comfort, a nonprofit whose aim is to end hygiene insecurity."


    "Recurrent makes simple, sustainable, gender-neutral hygiene products, and this face wash is about as beginner-friendly as it gets... Getting teenagers to stick to any sort of routine is difficult, much less a regimented multi-step ritual. Recurrent's face wash might be able to help clear their skin without too much work.

  • Style & Society

    "Recurrent offers a line of non-toxic, gender-neutral hygiene products designed with Gen Z in mind to simplify morning routines, easy to travel with, and cuts down on things to pack. The 2:1 is a shampoo and body wash combo."

  • QPmag

    "[OG Bundle] for all skin types and hair types, it's all you need to feel your best."

  • Business News Daily
  • Splash Magazines
  • Beauty News NYC
  • Teen Influential Magazine
  • The Coast News Group
  • Women in Retail Talks Podcast
  • Herald Mail
  • Destination Luxury
  • Travelgirl Mag
  • Style & Society
  • QPmag
Growing up can be hard, your skincare routine doesn't have to be

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